posted Jan.21.16 at 12:01 am

So this is how A Small Revolution ends. Thank you everybody for being there and having read, commented, shared, liked, talked about this comic, bought the French book... Thanks to Hiveworks for their support, their trust and the help with the website, and thanks to Front Froid for being the first ones to show interest in this story. I hope you liked it and that Florence has left a lasting impression.

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There'll most probably be a print version of the English translation of the comic, although I don't have a fixed date yet. I'll keep you updated about it right here! Don't forget the original French version is available in most Quebec bookstores and also on the web. So I'll talk to you later, alright?

Thank you so, so much for everything!



Hi all! I have some good news for you — it was just announced today that the good folks over at Soaring Penguin Press will be bringing A Small Revolution to print in the second half of 2017! I'm super excited and I can't wait to hold it in my hands! Stay tuned!

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