La petite révolution

A Small Revolution is the story of a little orphaned girl named Florence, in a country ruled by a dictator. A revolution is being organized to overthrow the government, and Florence desperately wants to take part in it, even if she doesn't fully understand what it implies. She will, however, lead her own, personal, small revolution.

A Small Revolution was first published in French in 2012 under the title La petite révolution by Front Froid editions, in Montreal, Canada. It was critically acclaimed and nominated for the Best Independent Comic Award at the 2012 Bédélys Awards. Except for a few web-exclusive illustrations for the covers and lyrics pages, the comic itself is the same than in the original book, which you can purchase here.

The webcomic serialization of A Small Revolution began in March 2015 and ended in January 2016.

In August 2016, A Small Revolution was nominated at the Ignatz Awards.

Soaring Penguin Press will publish A Small Revolution in November 2017. Preorder your copy here!

Boum is a comic artist, illustrator and animator hailing from Montreal, Canada. She is mostly known for her award-winning journal webcomic Boumeries, which has been steadily running since early 2011. She lives with her partner Pierre-Luc and their young daughters Margot and Annette. She likes video games, rabbits, good wine, and hairdos with undercuts.

She is currently working on several comic projects and illustrating children's books.

Contact: Email / Twitter / Tumblr / Facebook