Florence is one of many orphans living in the streets. Her less than ideal life has however given her very thick skin, and she is well-known by the other urchins as being tough, strong and defying. She regularly steals food, enjoys many a cigarette, and occasionally breaks into fights, but her heart is with the other helpless kids she vows to protect.
  Auguste is an unlucky child plagued by an undiagnosed lung disease since birth. Because he is generally weak, he relies on others, especially Florence, to eat and stay safe everyday. His condition has made him bitter, demanding, and rather ungrateful, as he sees he has it worse than the other kids.
  Dominique is Auguste's older brother. Although homeless, he manages to make a living by doing small jobs here and there. He is also very involved in secret activities that he won't tell Florence and Auguste about. Florence is very admirative of him.
  Mister Gonthier is the owner of an antiques shop. Business is scarce, but he obviously loves what he does. He is very kind and patient with the orphans.
  The Leader of the Revolutionaries is a charismatic and ambitious young man, hoping for a better tomorrow.
  Roseline is one of the revolutionaries. She is rather large and full of tattoos, has a loud laugh and smells of cigar smoke. She particularly enjoys setting off explosives.
  The President is a tyrannical, oppressive and manipulative dictator.
  Boris Vian is the artist behind the song Le Déserteur (The Deserter).